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Information Management and AI

On our vision is to build “The Information Power” for our customer to be insight-driven culture company. With data first strategy, our services are end to end services with information management tools, advanced analytics, machine learning algorithms, best practices approaches as well as data governance, data security and data privacy based on national and international standards and regulations. Our core services are :

  • Modernized Enterprise Data warehouse, Master & Reference Data Management, Data Services, Open Data APIs & Services, Business Intelligence, Location Intelligence with sophisticated multi-modal Data Visualization
  • Big Data and Data Lake management with Thai NLP analytics, IoT & Video Streaming analytics, ML advanced analytics, Data Exploration & Discovery
  • Big Data Analytics for Social Listening, Customer 360, Future Foresight, Fraud & Threat Hunting, Pattern Matching, Specific domain ChatBot and more


Our mission and expertise are to enable customer to connect the business world with blockchain networks. We integrate blockchain technology in the business. Our team will provide the smart contracts, decentralized application, blockchain security and architecture.

With real proven blockchain technology for the secure and security peer to peer interaction business network or ecosystem, we are working with international partners to apply blockchain private network for across industry customers both FinTech and non-FinTech domain.


We are working with International partners to provide the IoT Cloud Platform with Edge Computing, Video Cloud and Analytics Platform which are the key digital platform for across industries to support Thailand Industry 4.0, Smart City agenda and also for enterprise business digital transformation.

Digital Marketing

We drive the higher online ROI and boot up your market share thru our efficient tools and teams. We provide the digital tools for product analysis & validation appraisal, planning & marketing campaign strategies and branding as

  • Graphic Design: to express your identity with creativity and elegance with our graphic designer team.
  • Social Media: to listen and speak to your customer on social media member with our engine for increase the customer online presence.
  • Mobile and Web development: Website is the first business card & Mobile is the best channel for marketing. we use the most recent neuromarketing knowledge to build effective applications.

Consulting Services as Digital Transformation Agency

In today a thriving of business digital transformation era, the relevant innovative technology solution is the key success and support for their business transformation.

Betimes has our own digital transformation experiences and core technologies focused on Big Data, Mobile, Cloud, IoT, AI, Blockchain and DGM which we can leverage for the customer with guidelines, standards and best practices to realize their strategic vision to their real success and being sustainable. From realigning the existing to implementing an emerging and innovative technology and to be more competitive advantage within their industry.