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Process personal data to make it
follow the Personal Protection Act.

Let be-PDPA help you manage using cookies on your website, according to the Act Protection of Personal Information B.E. 2562 before it will be effective on June 1st, 2022. Easily in 5 minutes!

4 Steps to Create Consent Request

Sign up

Create consent request and customize banners

Install Javascript on the web page

Follow up

Why be-PDPA ?

Privacy by Design, and by Default

Keep your PIIs in your own hand with ours Data Controller Premise Agent. We help you manage privacy, not controlled.

Secue Platform with

Run on Global Cloud Services Provider that comply with International Standard & Regulations Implemented based on security practices from cloud services provider. 24 x 7 NOC & SOC Services.

Flexible pricing models

  • Business / Enterprise Monthly/Yearly Subscription On Premise

Ready to comply

With Laws, Standard and ETDA Rec.

  • Thai Personal Data Protection Act.
  • ISO 27701
  • ETDA Rec. - Electronic Privacy Notices and Consent

be-PDPA Key Features

Universal Consent Platform

support multiple medthods for Website & Web Application with Customizable UI

Standard Consent

Based on ISO/IEC TS 27560 Privacy technologies Consent record information structure [DRAFT]

Data Subject Access Request Portal

With Thai PDPA Chapter 3 request types.

Easy Deployment for Small and Medium Business. (SMB)

With one line script on website.

Design & Branding Customization

For Cookie Consent & e-services consent javascript popup or your own popup with ours API.

Report, Analytics and Dashboard

Help DPO gain visibility on how privacy information are managed by ours platform. Export what they need to submit to authorities.